Digital Audio 101 – Bit Depth, Sampling Rate, Interpolation

Watch this video on audio technology.

Lighting Tutorial

This is a nice video that tells you how you can get three different lighting effects using three point lighting setup. It talks about a pure black back ground and its lighting effect, it explain how you can setup a best lighting for white background and what additional you need to do to even the lighting. This video also talks about how to create a moody effect with this three light setup.

The best thing about this three point lighting video tutorial is it is a complete tutorial for those who want to learn about three point lighting setups because this video explains how one can create these effects easily, and what are the precautions that one should take care while creating any of these three effects.

Another good thing about this video is it explains exactly where lighting should be and what should be the distance and intensity of light for best result that makes it very beneficial for still photography and portrait photography.

Making a cooking video slideshow

cooking video slideshowThere are many people who would like to their skills as a tool to get more business. But there may be several handicaps to it. After all, it is not easy to stand on a stage and talk about your skills to a large audience. But this is exactly what is needed in order to bring your capabilities in front of the world. This is where slideshow can come to your rescue.

The kind of businesses where you can use a slideshow is quite amazing. A cooking slideshow is becoming highly popular today. This is highly effective for the cooking field as you can incorporate true images in your cooking slideshow.

Basically, this will be much more than just a recipe with photos. In case of a presentation, you would be able to have an audio accompanying it. Thus you can explain out 10 cooking method, incorporate some tips and even add on a few quirky comments in order to make it catchy and interesting. After all, cooking does not have to be boring.

Dance Bands Melbourne

danceMake Your Event Special

Dance Bands are a very important part of life and because of this, when you use a Dance Band, your event stands apart from all the others. The need for a Dance Band is many. Whether you are planning a wedding, reception, concert or even a party, a Dance Band will make your event even more special. Live music excites the crowd, unlike recorded music, I really enjoy it more then anything from the beginning when I buy a ticket till going to the event. Especialy I like festivals where many people can sing, and dance together.

The feel of the beat and the sound of the instruments blasting toward you make the excitement grow stronger. Make your guest want to dance and join in with the party or concert. Dance Bands Melbourne brings the event alive with the use of live performances. Anyone can use recorded music at his or her events, which most of the time it turns into background noise. The human soul is brought to life with a strong beat they can feel in their bodies and the excitement of live music.

An event comes to life when your guest’s feet start to tap. Who can resist the sound of a great Dance Band when the music is playing and then becomes a part of their body, making them want to get up and move. Dance Bands Melbourne does just that, making any event special and full of fond and wonderful lifetime memories.

Most Expensive Oil Paintings

Hand-painted oil on canvas art featuring contemporary themes or you can design your own, large selection available at For fine art that fits your lifestyle, we have art for in-home presentations or for office decorating.

We have hand painted canvas art available in abstract, modern, Old Masters, still life, scenery and landscapes, religious, Oriental and much more. Art is our passion and we want to share it with you, we know that you will be pleased with our artwork. At Crazyfish, our oil paintings are shipped gallery wrapped and ready to be displayed (hanging hardware is included). We are studio owned, and we offer the best range of oil paintings available at affordable prices.

Crazyfish is a specialty oil painting studio with unique decorative oil paintings. You can use choose our artwork or feel free to custom design your own oil painting. Yes, you can create your own custom made oil painting, designed according to your specifications to fit your personal lifestyle and tastes.

Our artwork is gallery stretched and painted with vibrant lasting oil paint on high quality canvas. Crazyfish is dedicated to providing quality hand painted oil artwork at low prices. We are a gallery shop for hand painted oil on canvas artwork, all pieces come gallery wrapped-no frame needed.

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Video production Melbourne

productionSegueing effortlessly from the snow capped peaks of the Alps to the sun kissed palms of the beachfront, without spending a dime on airfare, has never been easier. With the latest in video production techniques, including green screens, special effects, and sophisticated voiceover, producing eye catching and compelling videos including documentaries, TVC’s, music videos and infomercials, is all just part of a day’s work in Melbourne.